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News from the Beak

As many of you will be aware, there have been a number of shows postponed lately at the Nightingale. I am sorry for that. We live in an old building and recently she has been showing her age. The leaks we have been dealing with are significant and we simply don’t have the peoplepower or buckets to cope with the deluge.

The Nightingale is a found space. It was once a dining room, smoking room and kitchen, hence the boarded up dumbwaiter, storeroom and fireplaces around which we work. The Nightingale exists thanks to the benevolence and patronage of Drink In Brighton, who allow us the independent use of the theatre floor, and because of the tireless work of Alister and Miranda of Prodigal Theatre and UPG who converted it into the very nearly perfect pub theatre it is now. It is a privilege to occupy such a wonderful space, and a privilege to witness the works being created here which often travel far beyond these rooms.

The effort and money required to maintain the fabric of this building is great, and falls to other hands, and so we can only exercise patience and wait for the work to be done. Once we have word we will update you all as soon as possible. In the meantime, we are all very grateful of your continuing support. It is your patronage that keeps the Nightingale a vibrant and active theatre, and asserts the need for this venue to continue.

Steven Brett