Our Story

The Nightingale is dedicated to supporting artistic development. Emphasising our passion for excellent work made for small spaces, we proudly present theatre performances across New Writing, Performance and Dance, and support the development of performers and their practice. An artist-led organisation, we provide a professional and supportive environment for artists to create and present their work.

The Nightingale’s first incarnation was as a busy station hotel and inn in the early 1900s. Over the decades a theatre space evolved over the pub, where radical theatre began to find it's home. In 2004 Alister O'Loughlin and Miranda Henderson, working in partnership with Inn Brighton, opened The Nightingale Theatre in refurbished form over the Grand Central bar. Between 2010-2014 the current team brought back to life the hotel’s characterful spaces - the pub, the dining room, kitchen, hotel bedrooms - as a canvas for the imaginations of artists, offering audiences the chance to encounter innovative work in the distinctive spaces throughout the building. In April 2014 the building will enjoy a grand refurbishment by Fullers brewery, and will find a new incarnation as a pub and entertainment venue. The Nightingale will continue to flourish away from Surrey Street, continuing the programmes of artist development and performance throughout the city, with a commitment to the idea that Theatre Can Happen Anywhere.



Artistic Director and Programmer

Steven has worked across a broad and varied spectrum of job descriptions within the theatre.

Programme Manager

Kate has worked as a dance artist, commissioner and curator of new dance work before ‘retiring’ from a performance career in 2005.

Assistant Programme Manager

Janine is a choreographer, devisor and performer with an interdisciplinary approach to the creation of performance work.

Press and Marketing Manager

Nione has worked in communications for more than ten years, primarily as a journalist, but latterly managing press, PR and marketing for arts and cultural organisations.